COVID Response

Last updated February 22, 2022

Effective Monday, February 28, 2022, Avalon Recovery Society will resume in-person meetings (for applicable meetings) and services.  The safety of our community remains of utmost importance to us, so we are happy to offer a hybrid meeting model for those who wish to continue to join meetings from home. 

For in-person meetings, vaccine passports are mandatory and masks must be worn at all times.  In addition, physical distancing and disinfection measures are in place.

Note: A face shield is not a substitute for a mask as it has an opening below the mouth.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, no food is to be consumed in Avalon Women’s Centres at this time. Additionally, we are temporarily suspending our coffee and tea service.  If you bring your own beverage and need a sip, for the safety of everyone, we ask that you go to a private area to consume your beverage before returning with your mask fully covering your mouth and nose.

To view all of our meeting information, click here.

COVID vaccination policy –
Effective October 31, 2021

Avalon Recovery Society seeks to provide safe, comfortable spaces and access to life-changing support for the women we serve. In order to ensure that our doors can remain open in a safe manner for in-person gatherings, we will be implementing a new, temporary vaccination requirement for in-person attendance at our Centres.

Effective October 31, 2021, Avalon will require that everyone entering any one of our three Avalon Women’s Centres be fully vaccinated against COVID 19. This policy applies to staff, volunteers, and community members. It applies to in-person attendance at meetings, events, activities, and drop-in visits.  We will re-evaluate and adjust policies as needed as this public health situation continues to evolve.

We recognize that Avalon Women’s Centres play an important role in the lives of our community members, and we want to do everything we can to keep this vulnerable population as safe as possible.  We invite any woman who is not vaccinated, for any reason, to access our services through our online programming.  Meeting information can be found here.

Click here for answers to some questions you may have. If you have further questions that these FAQs don’t answer, please feel free to email our Executive Director, Quincey, at

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