Art at Avalon

Art at Avalon is a new online project that highlights creative expression and artistic works by the Women of Avalon. Art can be an important outlet and coping mechanism throughout recovery, and we hope that this project helps women in their healing and enables them to gain exposure to our audience.  If you are a Woman of Avalon and would like to submit a piece (e.g. poem, drawing, audio clip, painting, etc.) to be featured here, please email us.

To commemorate ...

Written piece by Brianna

Artist Statement:

I wrote this piece because I know how imperative it is to have consistent, non-judgmental support. As a woman who has had her fair share of falls from grace herself, I know how we need to have people to love right in trenches.

There is something about transformational about radical love alongside healthy, reciprocal community that can ultimately set us free from the chains that ensnare us.

About Avalon Experience: 

As a previous attendee of many support groups at Avalon, it’s encouraging to see how Avalon has impacted the lives of many individuals. Avalon not only helps those who attend meetings, but they reach the community at large. Being able to write for Avalon is an incredible honour that I do not take lightly. 

Instagram: @briannadeutsch


Artist Statement:

This painting is very deeply traumatically *me* facing my fears. I was in an emotionally abusive, gaslighting, horrendous relationship for twenty four years and I didn’t know any better… and I am recovering from it. During this time I allowed my sexual power to be completely annihilated and because there’s now nine years between myself and that person, I’m just starting to recover a little bit of my feelings in my body.

About the Art:

This artwork is called Elizabitty’s Survival. There was a beloved Cat involved during those years whom I loved with all my heart and, well, the cat loved him and he was – if you can believe it – purposefully emotionally & physically abusive towards this cat as well. This deeply hurt me as a devoted animal lover…anyway the cat – Elizabitty – she survived intact and became “purrrfectly” happy! That gave me strength to keep going & eventually recover from deep depressive disorder & substance misuse.

About Avalon Experience: 

Avalon provided a safe haven for me in early sobriety and for this I am eternally grateful.  Eighteen years ago I hit my bottom – it was hard and Avalon was there to love me until I could pick myself up and start to love myself.  In my first year of recovery I was able to go on stress leave from work and I attended the noon Avalon meeting every day for 365 days.  Only then was I able to start seeking other help outside the comfort and safety of my truth telling supporters at Avalon.  Avalon truly saved my life.  I love you all and I’m proud to say by the Grace of the Gods I shall take nineteen years sober from alcohol June 22, 2021.

Art submission - poems (1400 x 1100 px)


Artist Statement:

I’m a woman in recovery and I wrote this poem to a loved one I harmed and almost lost. It’s the last chapter in my book of self abandonment and guilt. It helped me lower the volume to my thoughts and feelings of being powerless over my addiction.

I’m soulfully on the journey to start healing and creating. I truly started believing that I belong to my future and not my past.

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